Getting My 峇里島婚禮 To Work

賢愛物 尊贤爱物 [zun1 xian2 ai4 wu4] /to honor the clever and love the men and women/respecting noble talent even though guarding the frequent men and women/

彼一時此一時 彼一时此一时 [bi3 yi1 shi2 ci3 yi1 shi2] /that was another thing, and this is yet another/moments have transformed/

安之若素 安之若素 [an1 zhi1 ruo4 su4] /bear hardship with equanimity/regard wrongdoing with equanimity/

生 尾生 [Wei3 Sheng1] /Wei Sheng (famous character who waited for his adore below a bridge till he was drowned during the surging waters)/sb who keeps to their phrase regardless of what/

山珍海味 山珍海味 [shan1 zhen1 hai3 wei4] /exotic delicacies/luxurious foodstuff from distant locations/

後繼有人 后继有人 [hou4 ji4 you3 ren2] /to own competent successors to hold on a person’s enterprise/

封官許願 封官许愿 [feng1 guan1 xu3 yuan4] /to confer an official placement with lavish promises/to acquire aid/

庚子國變 庚子国变 [geng1 zi3 guo2 bian4] /the crisis calendar year of 1900 involving the Boxer rebellion plus the eight country military invasion/

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往事如風 往事如风 [wang3 shi4 ru2 feng1] /the read more previous is vanished just like the wind: long gone over and above remember/

展位 展位 [zhan3 wei4] /relative placement of exhibition booth/allotted flooring House for display stall/allotted exhibit location/

言觀色 察言观色 [cha2 yan2 guan1 se4] /to observe sb’s terms and gestures (idiom, from Analects): to look at here text and moods for your clue as to sb’s views/brain examining/

宗匠 宗匠 [zong1 jiang4] /human being with exceptional educational or inventive attainments/learn craftsman/highly esteemed particular person/

山寨貨 山寨货 [shan1 zhai4 huo4] /black current market product/phony/imitation or counterfeit of branded merchandise/

The Ultimate Guide To 婚禮策劃

指可數 屈指可数 [qu1 zhi3 ke3 shu3] /You count them with your fingers (idiom). very small amount/merely a hardly any/simply a handful/not many in any way/

融讓梨 孔融让梨 [Kong3 Rong2 rang4 li2] /Kong Rong supplying up pears, classic moral story about Kong Rong 孔融[Kong3 Rong2] choosing up smaller sized pears though leaving the bigger ones to his older brothers, nevertheless made use of these days to educate the younger on courtesy and modesty/

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平分秋色 平分秋色 [ping2 fen1 qiu1 se4] /to both share the limelight/to equally have an equal share of/

小篆 小篆 [xiao3 zhuan4] /the tiny or lesser seal, the form of Chinese character standardized because of the Qin dynasty/

安置 安置 [an1 zhi4] /to locate a place for/to assist settle down/to get more info arrange for/to go into bed/placement/

年頭 年头 [nian2 tou2] /start out on the year/total calendar year/a specific 12 months/interval/days/epoch/a yr’s harvest/

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姍姍來遲 姗姗来迟 [shan1 shan1 lai2 chi2] /to become late/to reach bit by bit/to get sluggish in the coming/

履約 履约 [lu:three yue1] /to maintain an assure/to maintain an appointment/to honor an agreement/to apply economy/

展位 展位 [zhan3 wei4] /relative place of exhibition booth/allocated flooring Place for Display screen stall/allotted exhibit space/

年已蹉跎 年已蹉跎 [nian2 yi3 cuo1 tuo2] /the many years slip away/fig. the inexorable passage of time/now also aged/

密密麻麻 密密麻麻 [mi4 mi5 ma2 ma2] /close and various/densely packed/thickly dotted/thick/dense/

細胞病毒視網膜炎 巨细胞病毒视网膜炎 [ju4 xi4 bao1 bing4 du2 shi4 wang3 mo2 check here yan2] /Cytomegalovirus retinitis, a sickness from the retina that can lead to blindness/CMV retinitis/